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New methods for teaching Operating Systems principles

Welcome to my Research Blog. Here I will keep you informed about my progress in researching new teaching methods for Operating Systems classes.

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Hans-Georg Eßer

Reading in August 2010... (21.08.2010)

- Bruce Schneier: "Secrets & Lies"
- M. Howard, D. LeBlanc, J. Viega: "19 Deadly Sins of Software Security"

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Reading in July 2010... (20.07.2010)

- Christian Mertens: "Wie lehrt man IT-Sicherheit am besten? Überblick, Klassifikation und Basismodule", Diplomarbeit, 2007
- Felix Freiling, Jan Goebel: "Forensische Informatik", Lecture Notes, 2010
- Alexander Geschonneck: "Computer-Forensik"

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Dagstuhl 2010 (internal workshop) slides (28.06.2010)

Here are the slides this document is in German language of my talk at the PI1 Dagstuhl seminar in June 2010. They contain the results of my comparison of two Operating Systems lectures in the summer terms of 2008 and 2009.

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Note that some documents on this site are only available in German language. They are marked with a German flag .

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