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New methods for teaching Operating Systems principles

Welcome to my Research Blog. Here I will keep you informed about my progress in researching new teaching methods for Operating Systems classes.

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Hans-Georg Eßer

ULIX blog (11.08.2011)

I've created a separate ULIX blog to document my progress with the implementation of ULIX.

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Dagstuhl 2011 (internal workshop) slides (21.07.2011)

Here are the slides this document is in German language of my talk at the Erlangen-i1 Dagstuhl seminar in July 2011. They describe my current approach which is to port ULIX to the Intel architecture.

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Poster at ITiCSE 2011 (03.07.2011)

I've presented my poster "Combining Memory Management and Filesystems in an Operating Systems Course" at ITiCSE 2011 (June 2011). A one page abstract will appear in the proceedings of the conference; an extended version of this text is available as tech report.

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